Free Xbox Gift Cards

100$ Xbox Gift Card Generator 2020

Free Xbox Gift Cards 2020

We understand how difficult it might be when you are a pro at games but don’t have the money to purchase and play. For those hard times, wouldn’t it be great if you could get your hands on free Xbox gift cards from Microsoft and bring out the gamer mode!

These cards can be used to purchase a variety of things including the latest apps, movies, tv series, game mods, game coins, accessories or Xbox gold subscriptions. A Microsoft gift card can be used only in the country where it is purchased from as it works in local currency.

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How to redeem Xbox Gift card?

On purchasing any Microsoft card, a 25 character code is imprinted on it using which you can easily redeem it in the Microsoft account. If the purchase is made online, the code will be sent to you on your email address. Now on logging into your account, you can check if the balance is transferred.

Legitimate ways of grabbing free Xbox gift cards:

1. Xbox live quest

One of the top ways is by clearing quests as you play your favorite Xbox console game. Sounds interesting right? The only requirement is to have a subscription of Xbox gold membership which most of the people do. 

Now you just need to play these games in the Xbox live gold conquest and upon clearing each game, you get to avail a mystery prize. On winning all of the 3 quests after competing with others, you will be entitled to free Xbox gift cards from Microsoft.

2. GPT mobile apps

These mobile apps reward you with free gift cards that you desire to complete small tasks. The tasks are given on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and ask you to download various applications and games, watch videos, feedback of a sample product, by giving your opinion on a product or completing surveys.

Freemyapps, Topcash rewards, and Junowallet are some examples of apps that provide these opportunities. Gain points on completing tasks and accumulate them to purchase gift cards.

3. Online survey websites

Survey websites like Mysurvey, Inbox dollar, and Opinion city ask you to fill online surveys and in return pay you in cash through PayPal wallets or reward points that help in buying your gift cards. Depending on your responses, you get rewarded when it reaches the amount of $50. It would only take your little time.

4. Microsoft rewards

Microsoft offers rewards when the user uses bing to search or browse and shop on Microsoft store. Participating in weekly quizzes and playing daily can earn you bonus points on a regular basis. This service is absolutely legitimate to use.

The best thing about these free Xbox gift cards is that they never expire however, they can be used only once. The user should carefully utilize it as soon as he purchases it. Microsoft rewards and Xbox live rewards are promotional cards that might expire.

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