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Free Eshop Codes 2020 [Unused]

If you are a gaming fan, then you must have heard of Nintendo. There are thousands of people or probably millions of people who are into Nintendo games. The games are equally anticipated and in-demand all time of the Year. If you are one of those, then you must know of free Nintendo eshop codes. You can use them to buy the games online and play them to your heart’s content.

In simple terms, the Nintendo eshop is an online shop where you can buy by the games and download them on your console directly. It also having free e-shop codes can help you get some of those games for free or at a discount.

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Ways to get free Eshop codes 2020

There are many ways to get free eshop codes. Some of the ways that you can use are-


It is an online survey website that allows you to do surveys and earn digital currency that is useable on Swagbucks. The rewards that you collect on the website can be used for online shopping.

Each survey should give you around 60 Swagbucks. Collecting them and then redeeming them can allow anyone to buy free eshop gift cards. In a general estimate, 600 Swagbucks are equivalent to a 5 dollar Nintendo gift card. Go ahead guys, do surveys, and get your free e-shop gift cards, buy the games you want to.


Mypoints is also a paid survey website. Although most of the survey websites online are boring, the surveys you get here are quite interesting and interactive.

Each survey can provide you with around 100-200 points. You can use them to buy Nintendo eshop codes gift cards.

This is a much better deal when we compare it to other websites of the same genre. You get the gift cards instantly. There is no need to wait for them, unlike in other similar websites.


Many people find games online expensive. If you have time and do not wish to spend 10 dollars every week to buy Nintendo games, then InboxDollars is your savior.

It is a website where you have to small tasks, offers, and many other things.

Then you can accumulate enough coins and use them to get free eshop codes from the website. Some of the tasks that are given on the website include watching a video or an ad. You can fill up survey form like your age, gender, hobbies, and more.


Inboxpunds is quite similar to InboxDollars, with similar tasks and offers. You can watch videos, play games, watch ads, and fill survey forms to earn points. The points that you earn can then be exchanged for e-shop codes. It is that simple and fun to do, go ahead, guys try it.


Lifepoints is one of the trustworthy websites where anyone can get free eshop codes for Nintendo. All in exchange for small tasks. Just like the previous websites mentioned, you can do various tasks like playing a game or watching an advertisement for some time. This will earn you points. Then accumulate enough to exchange them for eshop codes.

This website is available not in many countries, so if it is available in yours, do try it once.

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