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Google Play Gift Card Generator

Google play store has millions of applications that we are so dependent on, starting from movies, to work or games and entertainment. Apps related to every genre can be found, but the only limitation is that selective apps or the exclusive ones often require making payments if the user wants to unlock the premium advantages.

Though creators making money through their apps is justified on the one hand, but we might not want to spend our expenses on these digital features. But this article has solutions using which one can avail free Google play gift cards to make purchases in these apps. You can use our Google Play gift card generator for 100$ free Google Play codes.

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Other ways to get Free Google Play Gift Cards

There are several ways by which uou can get free Gift cards without Google Play gift card generator.

Opinion rewards:

One of the ways to avail free Google Play gift cards is to fill the various surveys from Google and earn around $1. The surveys can be about anything as basic as your favorite movie or public figure, and you would find surveys weekly depending on their availability.


One of the most used prize portals, it allows the user to earn points by simply filling surveys, watching videos, or internet surfing. It offers you these services even without downloading its app.


Instant gift cards are a flexible way of earning points as it not only provides service like Swagbucks but also gives away various bonuses. The user can entail 10 points just by signing up. The value of 100 points is equal to $1.


You can get paid for watching YouTube videos. Yeah, you read it right! Critically acclaimed by users, this app claims to have given out $27 million as reward points, and you can earn easily by referring your friends and participating in several contests on social media.


This app has a unique advantage over others. Although, it does the same job but allows users to redeem their points in the PayPal balance, which has thus attracted so many users.

Gift Box:

It is one of the highest ranked apps with thousands of reviews. Giftbox lets you earn points through a myriad of activities like downloading the featured apps and logging in every day. It gives tasks for extra points and occasionally hosts spin wheel competition. You can redeem those points for free Google Play gift cards codes.


This method can help you earn points, but it requires linking the facebook account. Then, you may avail it for downloading apps and can receive extra for keeping those apps for an extended period. Its reward options vary from facebook cash and codes to cryptocurrencies.

GPlay reward:

This is a trusted website to earn your google play cards. It lets you earn at your convenience and earning 1000 points can get you a total of $10. Watch video advertisements to earn more points.


In short, you can get your Free Google Play gift card by performing some small tasks and thus saving your money. These applications also let the user share or gift these vouchers to his family or friends on special occasions. Also, there might be other methods on the internet which tell you to use credit multiplier techniques or hacking the codes, but these are mostly invalid and scams. Using the above-listed methods is a surer way of earning your rewards.

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