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If you are aware of those who buy things online, then you must have used for sure. And so for shopping enthusiasts who like to sit back and buy things, it is kind of a blessing. To get a discount or pay even lesser than you are already paying. And so Amazon gift cards come in handy for such desires. Use them and pay less for the thing you want to buy.

Although there are a number of websites which claim to provide you free Amazon gift card codes, many of those new websites will make you fool . Some will give small tasks and such but then scam you in the end. Here is a reliable Amazon gift card generator which is online and harmless. 

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How To Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Here are a few of the websites that are actually reliable and can be used to claim  Amazon Gift Cards.


It is one of the reliable and trustworthy websites where you can sign up for free. Then do various tasks like filling the survey form or watching videos and even do online shopping. In turn, earn points. These Swagbucks points can then be used to buy free Amazon gift card codes.

You can get offers from other stores like Target or Walmart as well. The website works and even gives cash payments like PayPal and such as well. And the best part is you do not have to earn too many points for those gift cards. 300 points on Swagbucks can get you a 3 dollar Amazon Gift card.


It is a free financial app which allows you to keep an eye on your financial situation your investments. Basically, it manages your cheque book. On the basic level, it helps you to create a financial plan for yourself. When you sign up on the website, you get a free $20 Amazon gift card.


You can use this app to get several cash backs and rewards for smartphones- Android or IOS devices both. You can simply use the app to do online shopping. Then get several cashback offers which you can avail anytime. And you even get a bonus $10 just for signing up on the website.


It is a web browser extension which lets you save money without much effort. When doing online shopping, it simply applies discount coupons.  It automatically applies them when you are checking out in an online shop. It even lets you see if the item you are currently viewing is at the highest price.

You can then buy it accordingly. In order to get free Amazon gift card codes, all you have to do is activate a Honey Gold Shopping session. You can do it through their app or website while shopping online. This will let you earn Honey Gold points which can later be used to redeem Amazon gift cards.

Not just that, even referring to your friends and other users will earn you points. Referring to one user is going to earn you 500 points.


It is a similar web browser extension like Honey, which you can install in your web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. It will let you find the discount coupon codes, which are the best for you at the time.

And as for Amazon gift cards codes, you can get them by doing online shopping and then earning rewards. Those rewards can be used to redeem gift cards. Referring to others earns you rewards as well. Each referred user when signs up get you 5 dollar reward credit.

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