Benefits Of Buying Xbox Gift Cards

Benefits Of Buying Xbox Gift Cards

What is an Xbox gift card?

An Xbox gift card is an online currency redeeming card that can be brought through stores but can only be used at the Microsoft or Xbox websites online. You can also gift a person a free Xbox gift cards that they can use to redeem any gift from the Xbox store.

An Xbox gift card enables you to buy subscriptions, games, devices, software, applications, movies and more. Xbox gift card is also useful if you want to add money to your child’s Microsoft account to limit where they spend money at.

What can I buy with an Xbox gift card?

There are many things that you can claim by your Xbox gift cards. Xbox gift card is not just a gift card. It can be used for many different purposes, and it is more than just a gift card.

  • You can buy full games in the online Xbox store that allows you to download and play that game instantly. If you cannot find your favorite game at the local game store, you can buy a gift card and download the game and play it afterward.
  • You can also pay for apps and in-app purchases. The gift card allows you to download and test applications in your console or pc.
  • You can buy the latest movies for watching with your friends and family or even alone. The collection to be claimed by your gift card is pretty huge.
  • You can also purchase the latest and your favorite television shows. If you tend to miss your favorite show’s episode, there is nothing to sweat about.
  • You can also buy and design devices in the Microsoft store. You can buy and design your favorite console, headset, racing accessories, and console accessories. There is a fully fledged customizable designing facility available on their website.
  • You can also use Xbox gift cards to limit what your children are spending money on by adding a limited amount of cash in their account
  • You can also use it to buy Xbox live gold pass for an amazing gaming experience.

How will I redeem my Xbox, Gift Card?

The way to redeem an Xbox gift card is simple.

If you are using an Xbox One, you can follow the steps given below

  1. Firstly you need to sign in with your Microsoft account in your Xbox One. Make sure that it’s the account you want to redeem codes with.
  2. Press the Xbox button or the x button in the middle of your controller.
  3. Keep scrolling to the right until you see the store tab.
  4. Choose the use code option
  5. Type your code down and then just follow the prompts.

If you’re in pc, then you can use the following steps.

  1. Open your web browser and then head to
  2. Sign in by using your Microsoft account.
  3. Select your profile
  4. Choose redeem code
  5. Enter the character and follow the prompts.

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